Construction & Engineering

Canadian Surveyors Ltd.’s team of professionals provides a
variety of experience in the field of Construction & Engineering.

•    Civil Construction Surveys
•    Topographic and As-Built Surveys
•    Earthwork and Volumetric Surveys
•    Site Control
•    Pile and Foundation Layout

Industrial Surveying

Canadian Surveyors Ltd. provides specialized industrial survey services to contractors, and industrial companies including services for major plant site development.

•   Plant Site Surveys
•   Expansion Surveys
•   Precision Measurement

Legal Surveys

Canadian Surveyors Ltd. offers various forms of legal surveys.

•   Boundary Surveys
•   Re-establishment
•   Control Networks
•   Right of Way
•   Crown Dispositions
•   Descriptive Plan
•   Subdivision
•   Condominium
•   Restoration
•   Real Property Reports
•   Land Development

Oil & Gas Surveys

Canadian Surveyors Ltd. provides comprehensive surveying and mapping for all aspects of the oil and gas industry.

•   Pipelines Survey
•   Retracement
•   Well Site Survey
•   Access Road Survey
•   Pipe Locating

Hydrographic Surveys

Canadian Surveyors Ltd. performs a variety of hydrographic surveys in the western Canada. Our services include single beam bathymetry; dual frequency sub-bottom profiling, and side scan sonar imaging.

•    Pipeline Crossing
•    Bridge Crossing